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Surviving Mahler Symphonies and Contract Terminations

At 90 minutes in length, Mahler’s Sixth is a true endurance piece. Consisting of four movements. Performance of a symphony of that length typically leaves orchestra musicians and conductors dripping in sweat as if they had just finished the New York Marathon, rather than played in the New York Philharmonic. Although surviving a symphonic performance or running a marathon frequently is synonymous with accomplishing a huge feat, survival has a different meaning in contracts.

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Fermatas, Grand Pauses, and Alternatives to Holdbacks in Real Estate Transactions

Fermatas and grand pauses are alternatives a composer can use slow down the pace of the music when the changes to tempowon't create the desired effect. In a real estate transaction, sometimes, the parties’ circumstances don't allow for a holdback, and the parties are forced to look for alternatives.

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