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Severability Clauses: To Sever, Modify, or Invalidate?

It has been almost half of a century since I first picked up a violin. Yet, I recently started violin lessons again. I realized that I needed to adjust my basic technique–including how I hold the violin. Like small changes in violin technique can create noticeable changes in a performance, overlooked contract provisions can change the meaning of the contract or harm the contracting parties. This article is one of several discussing contract “boilerplate” provisions and why those provisions are important. In this article, we will explore severability clauses.

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One month after my son started Suzuki violin at the age of three, I was surprised when his teacher said that he would be performing in a recital. He had barely learned to hold the violin and hadn’t yet played any notes. Contracts also have recitals. Although contracts don’t perform music, their recitals are up front and center, toward the beginning of the contract.

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