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Smart Use of Smart Tech in Commercial Real Estate: Video Surveillance and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has the potential to revolutionize commercial real estate access system and security. Yet, privacy advocates express concerns about how this technology might be used. In response, San Francisco now prohibits police from using facial recognition, and New York lawmakers have proposed a ban on facial recognition in residential buildings.

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Smart Use of Smart Tech in Commercial Real Estate: Wiretapping Laws

“Smart” technologies are being implemented into real estate operations. Cameras which previously were monitored by closed circuit TV now may be streamed into web storage. These cameras can recognize faces and may unlock doors for known individuals. But some cameras also place property owners at risk of wiretapping violations.

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Be Aware of Legal Issues When You “Drone” On Someone Else’s Property

Drone is a musical term which refers to a single note (or notes) which is played continuously throughout a piece of music. A drone note also can be used as a music education tool to help with intonation. Another type of drone, which does not involve music, has also been in the news. From package delivery, to search and rescue operations , to real estate inspections , unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, also called drones, have become mainstream.

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