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Preparing Your Business for the New Year—Do You Have Extra Tubas?

After stealing more than 30 tubas and sousaphones from schools during winter break, the thieves didn't hold onto the instruments for long. They found demand for used tubas among banda performers. However, business owners may find it more difficult to unload their heavy baggage as they move into the new year.

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Going "Green" with a Document Retention Policy

My parents grew up during the Great Depression. As children they had, by necessity, been trained to save everything that had any possible future use, and that carried into their adult lives. It is no surprise that I carried the idea of savings things which might become useful. When I became a violinist, that extended to used violin strings. When I started playing the violin, there was a logic to saving used strings in that they had already been “stretched out.” Just as I hung onto old strings after their usefulness was over, a company, also, can fall victim to keeping records so long that they interfere with the company’s business. 

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