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How a Swimming Pool Use Schedule Violated the Fair Housing Act

It's unfortunate when young musicians are pigeonholed into instrument selection based upon gender stereotypes. Those stereotypes eventually result in gender imbalances in professional orchestras. However, it's illegal to stereotype multifamily residents based upon gender and other attributes. Now, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has held it violates the Fair Housing Act to establish an amenity use schedule based upon gender stereotypes.

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Cats, Dogs, Peacocks, and Mice – Accommodating Disabilities and Assistance Animals

My cats have “contributed” to my articles by walking across my keyboard as I work. I was less thrilled with the cats when one left a dead mouse as a present on my stairs. A recent Kennedy Center audience might have appreciated my cats’ hunting skills.  In addition to music from the National Symphony Orchestra, “entertainment” was provided by a mouse in the concert hall. 

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Fair Housing Act Turns 50 and Continues to Evolve

Musicians need to practice their instruments, both to learn music and to hone their craft. For those living next door, even professional musicians’ practice may not be “music to the ears.” As a result, it is not unheard of for professional musicians to find themselves in disputes with neighbors or landlords.

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