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Choice-of-laws Clauses

Once a music classmate asked me for help on his music theory homework. Immediately, I saw his challenge. My classmate he had glossed over the clef signs, thinking they were “boilerplate.” When reviewing real estate contracts, many people gloss over miscellaneous “boilerplate” sections. "Boilerplate” sections are important, and contracting party can get burned by not carefully reviewing and negotiating them.

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Fraud and Forgery: From Vintage Violins to Today’s Real Estate Transaction

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received an e-mail purporting to be from a real estate paralegal at a law firm with which I had been working on a real estate transaction several months before. The e-mail included a link, which appeared to be a legitimate link from a well-known electronic signature processor, asking me to securely download a document for electronic signature. This particular e-mail made me suspicious because I had no open real estate transactions with the law firm that sent me the link. 

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