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Core Values

At Whitman Legal Solutions, “RICHES” is not measured in dollars but rather, in how well we deliver our core values of Respect, Ingenuity, Collaboration, Honesty, Excellence, and Service to our clients and in our community.

Respect: Respect other people and treat them with dignity, whether dealing with clients, colleagues, opposing parties, or others in the community.

Ingenuity: Foster a creative, intellectually curious, and modern mindset. Be open to new technology, different ideas, and unique approaches to problem-solving.

Collaboration: Work collegially with clients, colleagues, opposing parties, and others to achieve win-win solutions.

Honesty: Demonstrate honesty, fairness, honor, and justice in all dealings.

Excellence: Constantly pursue the highest quality legal representation and standards of professionalism.  Actively seek out opportunities to learn and to develop new ways to serve clients’ needs.

Service: Committed to putting our clients’ needs first and to making our community a better place.


Our Beginnings



BFA (violin performance) with honors
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1982)

JD cum laude 
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (1985)

Advanced Administrative Law Course
National Judicial College (2003)

LL.M. (securities and financial regulation) with distinction
Georgetown University Law Center (2006)



District of Columbia
New York


United States Supreme Court
United States Tax Court
United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio

Elizabeth A. Whitman


Elizabeth Whitman focuses her practice in business, commercial real estate, and securities law. Her creative, yet detail-oriented, approach and broad legal experience enable her to develop  innovative solutions for her clients’ most complex legal challenges.

With nearly a decade as in-house General Counsel for a national real estate company and additional years as in-house counsel for a publicly-traded company, Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to serve as outside general counsel for businesses of all sizes.

Elizabeth’s commercial real estate experience includes more than $1.3 billion in transactions, spanning nearly every real estate asset class throughout the United States.  Although Elizabeth has a particular interest in real estate securities and Section 1031 exchanges, her interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to real estate transactions, enables her to custom tailor a structure which fits both the real estate asset and meets her client’s needs.

Elizabeth also has extensive experience in healthcare law and regulation and transactions, with a particular focus on senior housing and physicians’ practices.

Active in professional organizations, Elizabeth has served as Chair of the Real Estate Committee of the Association of Corporate Counsel, an international organization of more than 30,000 in-house counsel. She currently is on securities law subcommittees of the Business Law Section and is a member of the Real Estate Property and Trust Section of the American Bar Association, and she has served on the drafting committees for subcommittee comment letters to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Elizabeth also is a member of the DC Bar and maintains an active Maryland real estate broker license.

In addition to her professional activities, Elizabeth can be found volunteering for education, arts, and civic organizations. She has served on both for-profit and nonprofit boards, including the boards of local PTAs, a legal aid organization, a mental health services provider, and organizations that provide assistance to developmentally disabled individuals. Elizabeth has served as a certified official for the Montgomery County Swim League and previously was on the board of her swim club. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys music, fitness activities, gardening, the pursuit of lifelong learning, and spending time with her husband, son, and three cats.


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