Why select WLS as your outside General Counsel?

  • Have an experienced, senior-level business attorney
    on-call to meet your legal needs, without the expense
    of a full-time employee

  • WLS will develop an intimate familiarity with each
    business’ culture and structure so advice and results
    are tailored to the business’ specific needs

  • Hourly and monthly fee structures to make legal
    expenses more predictable

How else can WLS help your business?

  • Business formation, corporate governance, and
    regulatory compliance services

  • Private placement memoranda and securities
    compliance for debt and equity offerings and business

  • Development of customized policies and procedures
    to meet your business needs

General Counsel Services

With decades of experience as both outside and in-house business counsel, Whitman Legal Solutions is able to provide your business with dedicated legal counsel who have an intimate knowledge of your business, whether you need regular, on-going legal support but do not wish to hire a full-time in-house lawyer or have in-house counsel but value having knowledgeable outside counsel to assist with sensitive matters.

Working closely with each client, Whitman Legal Solutions gains an in-depth understanding of that client’s unique business needs and objectives and unique business culture. This enables the firm to provide focused, client-centered, and cost-effective advice and to become a strategic advisor who can assist you not only with current legal needs but who also can anticipate and minimize risk, while providing thoughtful and creative approaches to meet your business goals.

Business Formation and Operations

Forming a new business and complying with many legal and regulatory requirements can be a daunting task. Whitman Legal Solutions is available to assist at every stage in your business, from entity and structure selection through formation, to business financing, board and corporate governance issues, risk management, and business continuity and succession planning. With nearly a decade of experience as General Counsel of a multi-million-dollar company, Elizabeth Whitman also is available to assist businesses with legal issues relating to business operations, including contracting, licensing, and employment-related matters, such as employee handbooks, EEO, FMLA, and wage-hour concerns. 

Securities Offerings and Filings

Whitman Legal Solutions is available to advise clients and prepare private placement memoranda and other disclosure documents and filings in connection with securities offerings, including debt and equity private placement securities.  Whitman Legal Solutions also provides guidance on state and federal securities filings, corporate governance and other securities compliance and regulatory matters. Because Whitman Legal Solutions understands that relationships are important in the securities business, Whitman Legal Solutions also is available to negotiate broker-dealer and selling group arrangements and to provide counsel on fiduciary and investor relations concerns.

Healthcare Business

Whitman Legal Solutions understands that the healthcare business involves a careful balance of patient care, regulatory compliance, and business management.  In addition to general counsel and other business law services, Whitman Legal Solutions is able to assist owners of senior living communities, nursing homes, physicians’ practices, and other healthcare providers, with licensing, contracting, due diligence, financing, and structuring of transactions for the acquisition, development, disposition, construction and renovation of healthcare facilities and businesses. 

We also are available to provide guidance and advice on routine healthcare operational issues involving contracts for services and goods, patient rights, HIPAA, consents to treatment, risk management, and regulatory compliance.